"I'll show you."


The watermelon knife in Si Xiao's hand was aimed at the end of the stainless steel mop, and he exhaled deeply and shaved hard.


The mop head landed on the ground with a bang

The end of the stainless steel mop is cut into a smooth bevel, and the tip flashes with a cold glow.

"Si Xiaojun, is this your strengthening talent, it's just cutting iron like mud, it's so powerful!"

Qinghai Zhe was also a little surprised.

Ordinary watermelon knives are certainly impossible to cut stainless steel, but now it is like cutting tofu, and the stick has become a spear.

"It's really powerful, with Si Xiaojun's talent, we can also be more confident."

Ohga Sun raised his eyebrows, looked at the few people around him, and said with admiration on his face.

The implication is that Si Xiao wants to strengthen weapons for everyone.

"Can you give it back to me?"

Ye Feng also looked up at Si Xiao and said lightly.

This stainless steel mop is his, in other words, this spear is also his!

Karuizawa and Yukishita couldn't help but look at Sixiao, he was obviously more trustworthy than Ye Feng and Ohga Sun.

Si Xiao saw everyone's expressions in his eyes, and did not let go of the jealousy that flashed in Jing Chengye's eyes.

Being alone for many years, observing humans is also one of his stunts.

"This spear, don't you want to strengthen it?."

Si Xiao tilted his head and looked at Ye Feng with a somewhat puzzled look.

I also have to help the other party strengthen this long gun, anyway, he has a watermelon knife in his hand, and there is a mop in the locker, so he doesn't need to care.

If you want to cooperate, you need to show sincerity and strengthen your position.

"That's bothering you."

After a moment of silence, Ye Feng nodded.

I didn't expect that this guy in front of me would be so generous, and he was indeed much stronger than a person like Ohga Sun who was full of scheming.

"This is my C-level talent enhancement."

Si Xiao placed the watermelon knife in front of several people and said with a solemn expression

"Since everyone wants to form a team, it is better to be honest, which is more convenient to make plans and improve our probability of survival."

"I have been learning martial arts in the Shaolin Temple since I was a child, and I have experience in dragon gripping and stick techniques, if you have some talent or talent, it is best to say it now."

The human heart is unpredictable!


Now it is not even clear what he will face, he will follow these people, use the power of the team to protect himself, and at the same time watch out for these people.

But if the guys don't react at all.

Although he won't say anything, he will naturally not be polite when he has the ability.

Ohga Sun and the others glanced at Si Xiao.

Didn't think of it,

This guy not only has talent, but also martial arts experience, which is indeed excellent.

No one expected that Si Xiao would be so frank, not only showing his talent, but also helping everyone strengthen their weapons.

What a benevolent man!

"Makes sense."

Under the snow, Xue Nai frowned and nodded, looking at Ye Fengdao solemnly

"I have studied aikido and riding, but to be honest, I am not confident in my physical strength, in addition, the talent is an SS-level ice queen, who is absolutely resistant to ice attributes and can control the ice element in the air."


Under the snow, Xue Nai raised his white jade hand, and a azure blue ice crystal slowly appeared in his palm, and the temperature of the classroom seemed to drop a little.

"Double S-class?"

Qinghai Tetsuya looked at the ice crystal in Yukishita's hand and said with wide eyes.

Just now, Si Xiao's strengthening is only C-level, and Xue Nai under the snow is actually a double S level, which is also too strong.

Karuizawa and Izariye also had some envious eyes.

Si Xiao was even more surprised.

I'm special

Originally, I was a little happy that I had SSS-level talent, how could I come out with a double S so quickly.

Shouldn't it be your own talent, it's actually quite average, right?

Although he thought about this in his heart, Si Xiao still nodded and asked

"To what extent?"

"You should be able to see the panel, right?"

Yukinoshita Yukino asked rhetorically, and seeing everyone nodding, she shook her head

"My talent is affected by four dimensions, and I can only generate ice within three meters of the surrounding area for the time being, which is still very energy-consuming, and it will not be clear in the future."


Si Xiao nodded and looked at everyone, "What about you?" "

Unlike their own [Endless Extraction] talents that are not required, their talents seem to be limited by attributes.

"It seems that I have a good relationship with Yukinoshita-san."

A trace of flame appeared in the palm of Ohga Sun, and he looked at Yukishita and smiled

"My talent is an SS-level Fire Monarch, and the other effects are similar to Yukinoshita's, in addition, although I haven't learned anything systematically, I am the ace plus number four in the baseball department at school, and I am very confident in my physical strength."

"Yukishita-san, the two of us really complement each other."


Ohga Sun glanced at Si Xiao without a trace.

Although a little unpleasant.

But invisibly,

Everyone seemed to have tacitly accepted that Si Xiao had become the leader of the group.

But what's the use?

In the future, the higher the talent, the more powerful, a C-level strengthening, sooner or later will be thrown away by him.

Come to think of it.

A hint of mockery appeared at the corner of Ohga's mouth, but it was quickly hidden.

"Needless to say."


Yukishita Yukino frowned, and his eyes glared at Ohga Sun

"It's just that the talent name is close, I feel that it is some fate, and narcissism must also have limits, which is disgusting."

She really didn't like such frivolous people.

With someone as frank as Si Xiao taking the lead, the snow slowly calmed down.

"Eh... I'm sorry. "

The corner of Ohga Sun's mouth twitched, and he could barely squeeze out a smile, "I'll pay attention next time." "

I didn't expect this lady to be so direct, and her mouth was so poisonous.

"What about you."

Si Xiao didn't care, looked at the others and asked.

Yukinoshita Yukino is probably also an honest person, and Ohga Sun's talent is probably doubtful, but it is also a fact that he can operate flames.


Karuizawa and Isunari and the others looked at each other, and said with some hesitation, "I don't have talent, if anything else... It's like..."

Think carefully about your life.

Without Si Xiao's experience in martial arts, without Aikido and talent under the snow, without Ohga Sun's confidence in physical strength.

Karuizawa couldn't help but find out,

She doesn't seem to know anything... There is not the slightest merit.

Thinking of this, Karuizawa couldn't help but chuckle in his heart.

In such a dangerous place as the space of reincarnation.

Mediocre and ordinary means that she will soon be eliminated, and the end of elimination is undoubtedly death.

Although since childhood, I have never experienced anything beautiful.

But Karuizawa doesn't want to die either!

Come to think of it.

"But I can learn."

Qingjing Zelian walked to Si Xiao's side, Jade held his arm, Chu Chu said pitifully, "I learn quickly, can Xiaojun teach me?" "

Saying that, the softness squeezed Si Xiao's arm, hinting that it was obvious, but there was some sadness in his heart.

She has been bullied since junior high school, and she is extremely afraid of violence and does not dare to resist bullies.

It was hard to find the courage to enter a closed high school and start a new life.

But what she never expected was.

When I first entered the classroom, I was still a little confused, my eyes closed, and when I opened it again, I actually came to a place called [Reincarnation Space], and I had to face those zombie monsters that only appear in novels.

Damn it!

She's just a girl who has been bullied for three years.


She is just a parasite that can only survive by relying on the strong.

At present, Si Xiao is undoubtedly the best, and it looks more reliable.

For this.

She can give everything!

Come to think of it.

Karuizawa hugged Si Xiao's arm tighter, for fear of being abandoned.

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