Jing Chengye looked at Light Izawa holding Si Xiao's arm, and a trace of jealousy flashed in his eyes.

He was originally a dead mansion.

Therefore, he is extremely adaptable to the space of reincarnation, and even often fantasizes about how he wants to cross.

Although when I read novels, I also like Karuizawa.

Often shouts Karuizawa Megumi the first in the world.

But looking at the scene in front of him, Jing Chengye lowered his head and gritted his teeth extremely unhappy.

It shouldn't, it shouldn't be!

Karuizawa should be his.

And on the side.

Ohga Sun's eyes also flashed a cold color.

He has always been the center of the class, and everyone should revolve around him.

In his eyes,

Green tea like Karuizawa are not uncommon.

Although he didn't like such green tea, it was his business, and Karuizawa just had to surround him.

Now he is holding Si Xiao's arm, which is simply abominable.

The other side,

Yukinoshita Yukino looked at Karuizawa Megumi, who was full of flattery, and could not agree.

But what others do is their own business.

Therefore, Yukinoshita Yukino did not say much.

"Let go."

Si Xiao glanced at Karuizawa Hui beside him and said lightly.

Although Karuizawa is beautiful and very loyal in the original book, now is obviously not the time to think about this.

"Yes... I'm sorry. "

Karuizawa's face froze, and he quickly let go of his little hand, barely squeezed out a smile and said a little embarrassed.

Rejected, rightfully so.

Obviously, Si Xiao is obviously not a lust-simmering person.

After all, in the space of reincarnation, even the future cannot be guaranteed, and who is in the mood to protect her.

But what should she do, Karuizawa really does not have the confidence to live.

Come to think of it,

Karuizawa's gaze couldn't help but turn to Ohga Sun and Ye Kaze.

If Si Xiao didn't let her parasitize, she could only rely on others.

At least for now,

Karuizawa's feelings are only that, if one does not work, change the other, but I feel that Si Xiao is more reliable than the other two.

As for Isunari and Tetsuya Aokai.

A dead house, a big sun's heelman, is completely out of consideration.

"Xiaojun sounds strange."

Si Xiao glanced at Karuizawa beside him, "I should be two years older than you, you should still call me Brother Xiao." "

Although now is not the time to think about this, it is better to hang Karuizawa first and stay as a tool man.

As for morality.

Long ago in the space of reincarnation, whether it was morality or law, Si Xiao had all given up.


Qingizawa was stunned, and then excitedly hugged Si Xiao's arm again, and exclaimed sweetly, "Brother Xiao." "

That's the only way she can survive.


Si Xiao replied, turning his head to look at Jing Chengye and the others, "What about you, do you have any talent or talent?" "


Hearing this, Jing Chengye's face stiffened, and his eyes dodged, "I graduated from a well-known university, and I learned quickly like Karuizawa. "


Si Xiao asked with burning eyes, and Jing Chengye shook his head with an ugly face.

It is equal to the same as Karuizawa, without talent, nothing will happen.

"I'm also a member of the baseball club, so I don't have talent."

Saying that, Qinghai Tetsuya patted Ohga Sun and chuckled, "It's all up to you Brother Sun." "

"Don't worry." Ohga Sun smiled and said, "Follow behind me, I will protect everyone well." "


Si Xiao glanced at Ye Feng without care, and turned his head to look at the last person, Ye Feng

"What about you?"


Ye Feng shrugged indifferently and said, "However, I used to be a mixed Daoist, often fighting and fighting, beating people and chopping zombies should not be much different." "

"So it is."

Si Xiao nodded, his eyes sweeping over everyone's faces.

The human heart is unpredictable.

How many truths and how many falsehoods are there.

He is also difficult to judge.

"Okay, ten minutes left, then let's start making plans."

Si Xiao nodded.

When others heard this, they were confused, and they really didn't know what plans they could have.

"First of all."

Si Xiao looked at Daga Sun and said, "Your talent, can you weld the broken stainless steel?" "


The corner of Ohga Sun's mouth twitched, "That will be at least more than a thousand degrees, with my attributes, I'm afraid it can't be done at present." "

"Try it, if it doesn't work, tie it up with curtains, or find a way to put it together."

Si Xiao nodded indifferently.

Now there is no need to hide it, it seems that it really can't be done.

【Stainless steel rod】

Si Xiao looked at the stainless steel mop lever in his hand, meditated in his heart [Endless Extraction], and said at the same time, "Strengthen!" "

The scattered powder fell scattered, and the stainless steel gun in his hand seemed to be much brighter.

[Extraction successful: the surface and internal impurities of the stainless steel rod are extracted cleanly, and the stainless steel rod is promoted to 0 zero weapon hard stainless steel rod. ] 】

【Hard stainless steel rod: strong +2】


Si Xiao threw the strengthened stick to Ye Feng, then walked to the utility cabinet and took out another mop to make a long gun for himself.

"Thank you."

Ye Feng waved the long stick in his hand and nodded with satisfaction.


Under the leadership of Si Xiao,

He used a watermelon knife to cut off the stainless steel table legs, handed them to Ohga Sun and others to make a simple riot-proof steel fork, and then returned it to Si Xiao to 'strengthen' and distribute it to everyone.

"Brother Xiao."

Karuizawa squatted beside him, looked at Si Xiao, who was cutting the legs of the table, and lowered his voice

"I feel that Ohga is a bit hypocritical, is it better to be careful."

"I know."

Si Xiao responded softly and handed the sharpened table leg to Karuizawa, "Take it." "


Seeing that Si Xiao had a number, Karuizawa responded lightly, holding the cut stainless steel legs and walked to the side of Ohga Sun and Snow and the others.

Mainly relying on the ability of the snow under the snow to the queen of ice, several pieces of stainless steel are put together.

"That's awesome."

Ohga Taina took the reinforced riot steel fork and skimmed it hard, and said with admiration on his face

"The ability of the snow classmates is really useful, which is even stronger than a real riot steel fork."

"This should be the strengthening effect of Si Xiao's talent."

Under the snow, Xue Nai nodded solemnly, "The splicing place is frozen, it can only last for an hour, and wrapping it in curtain cloth can last a little longer, only two hours, it is better to fight quickly." "

"Of course."

Ohga Sun and the others looked at each other a little, and immediately nodded solemnly.

These thirty minutes, I'm afraid, are also for everyone to adjust their mentality, at least not as uneasy as at the beginning.

Si Xiao, who witnessed everything in front of him, narrowed his eyes.

The title felt a little strange with the word Jun, and Yukishita Yukino obviously listened to it before changing his words, but did not show it specifically.

How many people are telling the truth or lying.


The other party is lying, he is also lying, maybe Karuizawa is deceiving people.

'It's fun. ’

The corners of Si Xiao's mouth raised slightly.

Let's cooperate for the time being to see the specific situation, and then whether to continue to form a team will be said separately.

Make a series of preparations.

Several people continued to share what they saw and heard in novels, animations, movies, etc.

There are zombies inferior to knives and guns, there are various zombies with superpowers in the novel, and there are zombies that have no vision and chase weaker zombies based only on sound.


The faces of everyone became more and more solemn.

If there were that kind of particularly powerful zombie at the beginning, they could send it directly.


[There is 1 minute left before the novice protection disappears.] 】

As prompts appear.

When everyone gathered, the atmosphere instantly became more solemn.


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