"How... What to do? "

Yukishita Xueno looked at Si Xiao and asked at a low volume, and instantly panicked, and Karuizawa and the others also looked at Si Xiao with their eyes open.

"We have to leave as soon as possible."

Si Xiao responded softly and glanced thoughtfully at Xue Nai.

I didn't expect that Yukino would perform so badly.

"The... Indeed..."

Feeling Si Xiao's gaze, Xue Nai quickly nodded and quickly understood what he meant.

"That's right."

Aomi Tetsuya and the others were a little reluctant, and Ohga Sun lowered his voice and explained

"There is no food and water here, we can't live for more than 30 days, so we have to leave here for now, otherwise it will be impossible to leave when our physical strength declines."

"So it is." Qinghai Zhe also said a little bitterly, "Then there is no way." "


Si Xiao also looked around at everyone and took over the topic, "My plan is to get to the cafeteria before dark, there will probably be some food there." "

No way.

Only seven slices of toast, a few bacon and a few eggs were eaten in the morning.

He's hungry.

"Well, that's better."

Yukinoshita Yukino nodded in agreement.

"Don't worry."

Seeing that Karuizawa and Jing Chengye and the others were pale, Si Xiao comforted, "After all, this was also expected, we still have a geographical advantage, if we act according to the plan, no problem!" "

"I'm not worried about that."

Jing Chengye said with some hesitation, "Isn't there a clause in the main quest to kill 10,000 zombies?" Who will kill these zombies? "


Karuizawa said a little suspiciously, "Didn't you already say that you would let Brother Xiao kill, and we will assist?" After all, Brother Xiao has experience in martial arts before, so it's safer, right? "


Si Xiao narrowed his eyes and looked at Jing Chengye.

This has been discussed before

What Jing Chengye wants to ask is undoubtedly not this.

It's who can complete the task first

It is doubtful who is the first to kill the zombie, and whether there is a special reward for completing the task first.

That's it.

'What a rat-eyed fellow. ’

Si Xiao thought to himself secretly and soothed, "Now is not the time to think about this, and even 10 zombies can't open the gap, and if we have to form a team later, it will be the same for us to help each other complete the task." "

Saying that, Si Xiao looked at Ye Feng and said softly, "What do you think?" "

"I have no opinion."

Ye Feng glanced at Jing Chengye indifferently, feeling the gazes of the people around him, Jing Cheng also nodded reluctantly.

"Then, action."

Si Xiao exhaled deeply and said with a solemn face.


For five minutes, everyone briefly adjusted their emotions.

The operation officially began.

Si Xiao gently opened the door of the classroom again, and the zombies in the corridor were still standing in the starting position and shaking, without any movement.


Si Xiaochong beckoned to several people in the classroom.

The plan has already been set.

Under the snow, Xueno exhaled deeply, left the classroom lightly, and found that the zombies not far away instantly turned pale, and their legs and feet instantly snorted.


Si Xiao frowned and pulled her snow-white little hand, only feeling a burst of smoothness.

If this guy hangs the chain now, it will be bad.


Under the snow, Xue Nai reacted instantly, looked at Si Xiao pursed the corners of his mouth and quickly squatted on the ground, and his jade hand pressed to the ground.

[Ice Queen] successfully launched.


The azure blue ice crystals began to spread outward from Yukino's small hands, and the temperature around them dropped by a few points.


The cement corridor in front of the two was covered with blue ice crystals.

A three-meter-long icy ground was formed, and an ice wall of nearly half a meter rose in the middle, forming a zigzag shape as a whole.


With cold sweat breaking out on her forehead, Xue Nai quickly retreated to the wall behind him, and saw Si Xiao waving to the others in the classroom again.

Karuizawa and the others left the classroom lightly, looking at the scene in front of them, and suddenly became nervous.

The plan has long been set.

Si Xiao was in charge of the main attack, and Ohga Sun and Ye Feng held reinforced riot steel forks to resist other zombies.

Isunari and Tetsuya Aomi are responsible for supporting the push out of the fallen zombies.

Karuizawa and Yukinoshita Yukino are always available to support in case of the unexpected.

Everyone nodded to Si Xiao.

Nor is this the time to think about anything else.

10 zombies,

Behind you is the wall, there is no way back.

If you think carefully, I am afraid that you will die.


Si Xiao exhaled deeply, took out the pen cover that had been prepared long ago from his pocket, and flicked his fingers at the zombie.

"Boom... Boom..."

The pen cap formed a graceful arc in the air and landed ten meters in front of the first zombie, making several clangs.

However, the ten zombies in front of everyone did not react at all, still shaking in place.


Si Xiao exhaled deeply

Originally, I wanted to learn from fishing law enforcement like in the movie, and test whether I could kill them one by one, but now it seems somewhat unlikely.

He took out the cap again and flicked his fingers.

The second pen cap landed five meters in front of the zombie, still unresponsive.

The third one landed at the feet of the zombie, but still did not respond.

Over time,

Everyone looked at each other, tightened the riot steel fork in their hands, and cold sweat broke out on their foreheads.

In the playground, it has been proven that zombies have no vision and react to sound.

Now, there is no movement.

"Get ready."

Si Xiao lowered his voice and said

I am afraid that it does not react to sound, but depends on a certain decibel strength to react

This means that phishing law enforcement may not work.

As long as it exceeds a certain decibel, this group of zombies will pounce on them together like a group of mad dogs.

"No problem."

Ohga Sun sweated his palms and nodded.

Very well understood the status quo,

If you don't cooperate, you will all die.

A life-or-death situation.

Now he is not allowed to think about other issues at all.


Si Xiao nodded, took out a neutral pen this time, and threw it towards the corridor.

Behind him, Daga Sun and Ye Feng and the others quickly clenched the riot steel fork in their hands and stared at the zombies in front of them.


As the gel pen lands on the ground, a crisp sound is made.


Accompanied by a low and murderous roar.

On the 10 zombies, like sharks that smelled blood, they rushed towards them with their teeth and claws.

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